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The Voices Network now offers enhanced publishing across all of its news websites. This means all press releases now have a customisable live ‘boilerplate’ which pulls through additional company information, links to websites, social platforms, and more.

The enhanced news distribution platform

Why add more information?

Most news websites don’t include links in their articles due to SEO issues which arise when these links break. This is unfortunate as often readers have no way of finding out more about the subject matter or source of the information, save for a small byline. In many cases their only option is to search online for details about the company in question—an unnecessary step that could mean a loss of lead generation.

That is why we have created the eCircuate platform. Visitors can now connect directly to your company website and key information.

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How does it work?

The contact details, key information, imagery, brand, and links are delivered to the website via the eCirculate plugin. This means your details are always up-to-date across the entire network of websites. In fact, even your historic articles will have current information associated with them—and all of this is easily updatable.

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